News Letter

Maybe I'm A Romantic, Maybe I'm Paranoid.

It isn’t an Exodus but maybe some form of a reformation. I may be headed for the woods but I’m not covering my tracks yet. For some time now I have been preparing to take on the world of the Newsletter. It excites me as a way to share a little more intimately with you where I am at in life, art, and learning. Personally I grow more disgruntled with the model of social media by the day, but, it isn’t going anywhere so I know I can’t crawl under a rock (at least just yet.) I won’t spend my time ranting and raving about the dangers of social media and how civilization is crumbling from the inside out because of it. Crippled and Empty….Wait….is that ranting and raving? I’ll leave the research to you. But I can’t swear it off just yet because I’ve met too many great people through social media that I would have never met otherwise. Our paths simply would not have crossed and I figure there are a few more out there to meet still.

So Here I am, it’s nearly 2019, I’m Buck Rogers and I’m writing what has all the markings of a blog. I hope it’s a little more personal, a little less vain, and a little easier on those late night eyes. and maybe just maybe I can slow down that constant flick of the thumb that carries image after image after image after image across your retinas.